¿What is Yggdrasil?

Yggdrasil is the tree of life that holds the nine worlds together in Norse mythology. The tree of life is eternity, connection with mother earth, peace and harmony with the elements of nature.

At the foot of the tree was the god Heimdall who was in charge of protecting it from the attacks of the dragon Níðhöggr and a multitude of worms that tried to corrode its roots and overthrow the gods it represented. But he also had the help of the norns who took care of him by watering him with the waters of the well of Urd. A bridge joined the Yggdrasil dwelling of the gods, the Bifröst, the rainbow, all the gods crossed it to enter Midgard.

Nuestra filosofía

With Yggdrasil always in mind, from the beginning of FEHUHREINN we were very clear that we wanted to have access to the entire production process. Being able to control from the production of the fabric to its delivery allows us to know and minimize what our true carbon footprint is. That is why we make all our collections in Spain, locally, from the selection of the raw material to the last sewing. We use fabrics that comply with the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certificate (it is the most used ecological label in the world to guarantee that labeled textile products have been analyzed for more than 300 harmful substances).

Another important thing for us has been being able to put a face and know the name of each of the people who are involved in our armor, and we want you to know them too.

We know that Josep sells us the yarn with which we make our fabrics, that Jaume's family makes the fabric for us just as we ask. The exact number of weaving passes, the correct percentage of cotton, polyester and elastomer that we want for better breathability, the treatments and the optimal dyeing so that once it is manufactured, let it rest while waiting for what awaits you.

Our patronist, Mrs. Pili, is the pencil of our ideas. We want you, our athletes, to have the level of comfort you need, for this the technology of our fabrics is important, but also the design of our patterns, with this we ensure that your only concern is to give one more point in training.

Just as Mjollnir, Thor's hammer, was forged by Brokkr, our armors owe their robustness to Dami, Luisa and Sandra. They are the ones who forge our garments thread by thread, they make everything imagined before come true. Together with Ferran, who captures our designs in the garments, they are all the ones who make us shine when we wear them, just before that long silence that we hear before giving everything in training.

Knowing this entire team of people makes us have complete traceability in our garments since we control each step of the process (we still have to produce the caps, but it is something we are working on). This is just a brief mention of some of the people involved in the manufacturing process, but to that team we must add our colleagues in design, sales and distribution.

We are aware that each process in our production chain has an impact on our planet, which is why we want to minimize the carbon footprint we leave, in addition to promoting a 100% local production model in order to support our community.